What is Taptun?

Taptun is fully transparent self-serve platform, where you use either or both solutions in one ad unit. Personal manager will help you to reach your goals.

How it works?

With Taptun you can sell your native traffic, being as webmaster and buy traffic from our partners' sources, being as advertiser. Integrate sponsored content or recommended products into the user's natural activity stream that does not alienate viewers with unwanted disruptive ads. Taptun provides an engaging solution consistent with the publisher's platform behavior. Publishers can either monetize traffic or recirculate audiences.

Taptun for Publishers

How to start work with Taptun?

First, you need to be signed in to the system, and then you can add your websites. After successfully verification of your account you can generate the Taptun code and set it to your website code.

What is time of updating of statistics?

The statistics updates with delay in 1 hour.

What is the minimum balance to output?

You need to have minimum 10USD on your balance for output.

Solutions for publishers

  • Native Monetization
  • 100% fill rate worldwide
  • Monetization of all GEOs and devices
  • Recirculate traffic within multiple websites
  • Adaptive presets and full widget customization
  • Flexible statistical data
  • Urgent payment with 10 USD bottom border by request
  • Personal manager who cares 24/7

What currency is the acceptable for Taptun?

All payments in the system possible in USD or BTC.

What electronic money is acceptable to use in system?

We work with Webmoney: USD.

Taptun for Advertisers

Media Buyers

Have your page views and performance goals met

Affiliate Marketers

Find the very right audience for your offers


Get quality traffic