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  • Fair advertising for the interested audience
  • Work with targeted traffic when advertising is relevant to the site
  • Mutual benefit for webmasters and advertisers
  • Stable income that pays off your efforts

TapTun is a small ads advertising exchange stock founded by experts in their field. We have devoted years of practice and the study of all the nuances of working with traffic and small ads. We know…


at the lowest cost to get the greatest result,


to optimize the work so that it is profitable both for the site owner and for the advertiser,


to organize a stream of targeted traffic and show the ads only to the audience that will react to it with interest.

You can promote any product or service successfully with us. And you can also make money on your own website, providing place for ads. In any case, advertising with TapTun is an effective and reliable way to get a stable income.

Ads Formats for any product & website

Standard ads

It is the most popular and collects the maximum amount of traffic. In the middle of the ad is an images of different sizes, as well as an intriguing title.

Native ads

It contains an image stretched horizontally or vertically, but of course made to fit into the overall picture of the site. Looks harmonious and unobtrusive.

Mobile ads

Ads fitted to the size of mobile screens. When you click on any of its areas in the adjacent tab, the advertiser's site will be loaded.

If none of these most popular ads matches your goals, we are ready to help launch and optimize any others.

What are the advantages of TapTun?

  • Show only high paying ads
  • We help bypass AdBlock for more profit
  • We accrue generous bonuses for the referral program
  • We put to the work proven and profitable cases
  • We provide 24/7 support for all work issues.
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  • We provide large amounts of traffic for rotation
  • Show ads only to real users.
  • We provide an API for easy conversion
  • We are targeting ads with flexible, detailed parameters.
  • We provide 24/7 support for all work issues.
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Referral program for webmasters & advertisers

Get more than with other ads.
Bring to the web system - receive bonuses for your account.
of a new partner

by referral link from your account

Bonus accrual

5% of any of his profits
in the network

Funds use

To pay for traffic or withdrawals
from the system

To evaluate all the benefits by yourself, join TapTun right now


The best trust us!

Greatest opportunities to pay for traffic


High payouts for webmasters. Reasonable prices for advertisers.

Minimum limits

The lower threshold for depositing and withdrawing funds is extremely small, and the upper one is limitless.


Payment is made through any payment system convenient for you.